AVP MIDTERM [BTS] from Joanna Claire on Vimeo.

Short description. Or not. 

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A week ago, our Professor asked us to write a 30-seconder Public Service Announcement (PSA). I had a concept right away. Now, the problem is, we had no idea that we will produce our own script till our Professor said that he will choose among the class works and the chosen scripts will produce it along with their partners.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that my script is chosen, a mixed emotion actually: (1) My script is chosen! (2) My script is chosen! My script is chosen! ..... OH MY GOD MY SCRIPT IS CHOSEN! WHY?? I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO~ OH NO~ OH NO~ SERIOUSLY?!

You see, I included in the script this time lapse effect behind the talent and I seriously have no idea how will I be able to edit or make such effect happen, to think that I don't even have the necessary editing softwares, plus, I don't have the skills, yet, on that level of editing.

Since I still have no idea how and if I'll be able to follow my script and do it right, I put together, all the short and BTS-worth videos, in one. Hence, this short BTS video.

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