NBA Café - Manila

Here's an unplanned dinner date to the newly opened NBA Café at SM Aura Mall in Bonifacio Global City - the first ever NBA Cafe in Asia.



I'll try to make this short and as direct-to-the-point as possible. I'll try.

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2013 was a year full of lessons

As few of my friends know, 2013 has been one hell of a roller coaster ride for me. It has been one tough year but, that doesn't matter now 'cos even if I have fallen so hard, I finally figured out what's the most important thing in life anyway.


"You're my kryptonite"

Here's a good "Hello October!" post. I swear this is good and worth to brag despite the do-I-have-to-blog-this-cheesy-stuff-it's-too-cheesy-eh, I can't help but to share it here.

I don't know how to start this but the other night DG said to me "... Kase you're my kryptonite"

Yes, we all know those words, we've seen it in every post or whatever but he spoke those words unexpectedly that I was really surprise and I can still vividly recall and hear him said it whenever I remember that moment and it still makes me feel weak in my knees as if I'm melting.

Ok enough with the "you're my kryptonite" part and let's proceed to another kilig moment which is related to our song of the day, hence, SOTD. There are a lot actually of kilig moments we shared (and continually sharing) and it would take a new blogger account for me to kwento it all and if we would also add the kalokohans, which I also consider kilig moments for some reason, then yeah that would take a whole new blog account.

Nothing by FDM via RonJoselyricsvideo

DG and I have this, let's say thing, wherein we would let the other one listen to a song which matches what the individual feels or what the relationship is going through that the song perfectly summarised the whole story. Basically, it's like a dedication thing.

The other night he made me listen to this song by FDM entitled Nothing, which I thought was actually nothing. There are, again, a lot, of song both of us dedicated to one another but I specifically chose this song, that DG dedicated to me, because... Just listen to it or read along... Then you'll probably know why it made me kilig and all.